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Our mission is to make live events and entertainment experiences more accessible for people who are neurodivergent by helping organisations understand their individual requirements.

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We are Interludo. A community interest company leading societal change through social design, helping to support the attractions and events industry to be more accessible to people who are neurodivergent.


We dream of a world where every event and entertainment venue, every leisure facility and hospitality outlet are accessible to people who are neurodivergent. We are here to make that a reality.


By providing knowledge and guidance to everyone, we believe that we can help make the world a more accessible place. 

We want to put empathy and understanding at the heart of every project.


Let's start that conversation today.

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If you have a project that we can help offer some friendly guidance on, we want to hear from you.


No matter your scale, no matter your budget, let's make a change together.

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If you have a project in development or you're looking to change what you already have, please get in touch. We can affect a positive change together. We offer all the advice and support you might need.

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Have a look at our free library of resources ready for you to download to help inspire you with small changes you can make to improve the accessibility of your venue or event.

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