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What is neurodiversity?

1 in 7 people in the UK is neurodivergent.
That's 15% of the country.

Neurodivergence is the different ways in which the brain can work and interpret information. Neurotypical is when the brain functions and processes information in the way society expects. Every human is different and unique in their own wonderful way. Let's help everyone to feel accepted.



people who are autistic in the UK


of people in the UK are dyslexic.


of people in the UK have ADHD.


of people in the UK have dyspraxia.

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Lets celebrate our differences and make society an accessible place for all.

ADHD can make it difficult for people to focus their attention, manage their impulses and keep concentration.

Autism can affect a persons ability to interpret social interactions and interact with others. It can limit how people express themselves and can lead to a different world perception. 

Dyslexia can give people language processing difficulties.

It can affect the speed of processing information as well as how much information is retained.

Dyspraxia can affect peoples physical coordination.

It can also affect a person's organisation of thought.

Tourette's can give a person involuntary sounds and movements. This can be in the form of motor tics, blinking, sniffing or neck movements.

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